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Museo is a Los Angeles-based global menswear resale and consignment business with a decade-long online presence encompassing tens of thousands of successful sales and a newly-opened Sunset Boulevard boutique.  We sell a broad range of high-end items including suiting/tailored clothing, denim, footwear, and accessories.  Long-standing industry favorites, niche enthusiast brands , and exciting upstarts from around the world are featured in our shop.  


We provide our consignors with industry-leading rates of return for their goods and service that is intuitive to the luxury consumer, operating under the principle that the reward of good taste is enduring value.  Our buyers enjoy quality, well-made, interesting, tasteful goods — extending the lifespan of persistently stylish items and providing value at an accessible price.  We sell new and pre-owned items in excellent condition.  For a precise idea of the items that we deal in we suggest viewing our online boutique or making a shop visit.

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